We are a place with high experience and the better technology for hair, skin and body care. A place where you can find new fashion and beauty trends, right here and now. In Nancy Salon you can find specialized hair technnicians, stylists, beauticians and manicurists endorsed with high quality studies.

¡We trust in big changes! We helping you to find your brightest side with the Nancy salon brand.
Nancy Remolina – CEO

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  • Beauty Salon

    It’s not only about the hair care, we are experts in counseling with new trends, helping out to find the right image to every costumer according their style and personality, using worldwide references techniques, mastering the language of color and visagism.
  • Spa

    Nancy salon has design a perfect place to find deep experiences for your soul and mind, giving you tranquility and comfort. In this place you will enjoy exclusive facial, body and hair treatments.
    Enjoy of this experience and find which is the right treatment for you.
  • Make Up Store

    Nancy Salon giving you a large make up catalogue on a digital showcase of the most important worldwide brands, with a stunning choice of high-quality products giving a solution for our customers necesities. All of our products are organic and natural.
    One of our complements of image counseling are de personal shoppers. In our home page you can find the product and it description with a Nancy’s Salon recommendation to give you more confidence when you buy the product